Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chicken Days of Summer

     The chicks got here two weeks ago and they already have feathers.  They can fly a little and they want out to explore.  The cat also wants them out, so they are still cooped up.
     Besides that, it is freakin' HOT!

     Today I realized that squash bugs love the mulch and use it as protection from my spray.  So why did I spend all that time weeding and mulching?

     The squash bugs have laid eggs on my new pumpkin vines, killed a lot of my squash, and are even attacking my watermelons and okra.  They will soon meet the wrath of the pyrethrum dust.

     Check YouTube soon for a video tutorial on recognising squash bugs, their eggs (very important) and how to control them!

     I'll insert it here too.

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  1. This is the third year for these same chickens! They have started laying eggs again since the days have gotten longer. They are adorable and adored. <3