Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kitchen Garden in a Bag!

Our sophisticated way of drilling drainage holes.
Once there was a tiny, tiny patio, without a plant growing on it, although a number of plants had died there.

The patio belonged to a twenty-something woman, who ate a lot of drive through food, but yearned for better health. The young woman had an old friend who knew how to grow food. They decided to plant vegetables on the tiny patio.

They were working with a budget the size of the patio, so buying containers was out of the question. They decided to plant the kitchen garden right in the bags. They bought...
a couple plants, a few seed packets, a cheap, wire trellis, one cheap window box, a big,cherry tomato plant in its big-boy container, with little tomatoes already on it, a tiny container of fertilizer and four bags of soil. They spent $100.

The patio is about the size of a twin mattress, split lengthwise. It is just big enough for the door to swing open.

The humble beginnings