Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fertilizer Everywhere!

I promised to write about fertilizer a couple months ago.  Sorry for the wait!
Chickens love the compost!

So much can be said about fertilizer, it could fill a whole blog - a book - a library.

Today in this post, we'll get the down and dirty as quickly as possible so you can start your fertilizer journey immediately!

When you buy a fertilizer, synthetic or organic, it will have three numbers.  Our imaginary example today will look like this: 1-2-3.  It represents the N-P-K content.  This number will be found on the box or bag of any packaged fertilizer and most soil amendments, both synthetic and organic...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Microgreens! Vegetables In 7 Days!

Ready on day 5.  Sold some @ FM.

The vegetable du jour.  Foodie craze.  High-end garnish.  Very flavorful and easy to grow nutrition: Microgreens.
If you haven't heard about them, let's get you caught up! ...