Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to Grow Carrots

Notice all the grass? Carrots don't mind.
Carrots grow easily, when they grow.
They can be finicky though, so if you are having some trouble, it's not you. It's the carrots.
Whole field of carrots!

You know that part in Pirates of the Caribbean when Jack Sparrow cheats in a sword fight against Will? And when Will gets mad, Jack shrugs and says, "Pirate." As if Will should assume that if he has any interaction with a pirate, it's a buyer beware kind of situation?

Yeah. Carrots.

They grow from seed, because they are root crops. Transplanting root crops is supposed to be unsuccessful. Don't believe that either, but start the carrots from seeds anyway. Right where they are going to live forever. Because it might take that long.

Or it might take six weeks. Carrots.

I thought they were dead, so I planted squash in the beautifully prepared bed. I did all that work, right? 

The squash came up. I was about to weed them....carrots. 

Carrot Growing Directions:

  • Put some loose organic matter where you are going to plant the carrot seeds. We have used mulch, grass clippings, kitchen scraps, whatever...
  • Top the loose stuff with a half inch or inch of dark soil. This is a great help to the carrots, but mostly it is to help you find their bright green, needle-thin leaves when they sprout.
  • Do all that before it rains. Sorry, I should have told you earlier.
  • Water the fool out of them on the days it doesn't rain.
  • Stop soaking them when you see the tiniest of green slivers, because that is all you will see for a long time.
  • Water them when the soil looks dry.
  • Sprinkle some organic fertilizer on them once a weeks, OR Osmocote 10-10-10 once in their life.
  • Weed them if you need an excuse to get out of the house.
  • If they aren't carrot sized by winter, leave them alone until Spring.
  • Pull them. It's easier if you losen the soil from a few inches away with a shovel.
They deserve it. Carrots are the pirates of the vegetable garden.
One carrot seedling


  1. You know - I might try growing some again this year then. It's not you, it's me, right? :)

    1. Plant them before a storm, in black soil and you should be fine. Patience is a carrot virtue. Post pics!

  2. My Father-In-Law outsources his carrots to a friends garden that has nice sandy soil and the carrots love it. In his garden? Carrot are a no-go, but they love his friends garden. We're the beneficiaries of the extras too, he hauls 'em over by the garbage bag full and we snack on tasty carrots until almost late Spring.

    1. Ooooooo! There is a way to store carrots we did when I was a kid: In a barrel in sand! I will write a post about it! Thank you for the idea! Heart you!

  3. I planted stuff Oct 2- rainbow carrots, spinach (2kinds),red beets, rainbow rhubarb..... all in one raised bed, probably going to regret that... but all I had time for between rain storms. I need to get some of that fertilizer you mentioned. Can I put that on all of those at the same time? Wish us luck!

    1. Yes. It's an all purpose fertilizer. Even works for house plants. Thank you!

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