Friday, September 25, 2015

Vampire Gardening

Vampire Gardening. That is what my son calls my method, because I rarely go out in the sun. 

Any gardener worth their salt has some pre-cancerous spots, so Vampire Gardening is the way to go. 

Cloudy days are the best, but light rain is OK too. After the break of dawn, but before the rays come searing over the trees....Vampire Gardening. After the sun has passed the tree line, but before it is dark....time to mow!

And I don't get sunburned.  Much.

You will still get a little sun, so don't garden if you are on a sun-sensitive medication. For real. Really. I mean it. Those hives...
will take forever to go away. If you know you can't live in a cave, ask for something else.

Yesterday it rained, and this morning too. This afternoon it is beautiful and warm. I might bundle up and mow a little grass. It is fall planting season here and I use a lot of grass clippings as mulch. Tomorrow, sun again.  I need more seeds, because in two days - MORE RAIN!!


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