Thursday, September 10, 2015


Too Much. Not motivational.
Aww no. Can't get that much done.
Get outside. You know you will feel more like getting things done when you've had some fresh air and come face-to-face with all the things in the garden that will only take a second to finish.

You'll need to go outside when you are supposed to be doing something else or have some place else to be. Motivation increases 100x when there is a worse chore calling.

But seriously, set...
a couple of small goals and just aim to finish them. My small goals were to clear the old garden area by mowing it - with the lawn mower - and then to dump some compost along the edge and plant some sunflower seeds in it. Accomplished! Celebrate!
Yeah. Like maybe that much, I could do.

My next step, for tomorrow, is to buy more compost.  

UPDATE: The deer ate the sunflowers when they were about 6 inches tall.

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