Thursday, August 20, 2015

Seed Order

On your mark...
The real seed order is sitting in the virtual cart. $70 seems like too much to spend doing something that is supposed to save us money. 

This is how I am going to rationalize it:
  • My mother will be thrilled to have a bushel of rutabaga for Thanksgiving!
  •  Jerusalem Artichokes are perennial, pretty AND food! 3-way pay-back!
  •  Ordering is the only option for... some of these seeds, since they are not available in shops at this time of year, although this is the season they grow in my zone.
  • The broccoli seed packet is supposed to have 100 seeds. If I get 50 heads of broccoli, at the grocery price of $1 per head (I buy non-organic, on sale) then I am saving $46! (50 heads at $1 each, minus $4 seed packet)
  • Some items, like kohlrabi and bulbing fennel are not regularly available in markets and they will add variety and nutrition to our diets.
  • I could never afford bulk shallots any other way.
Get Set...

Truth be told, I plan on pay-back by salad. If each salad is worth $1 (a price in between iceberg and Subway) then we have to eat 70 salads to pay for this seed order. Underestimating at 3 salads per meal....

We have to eat salad at 24 meals. If we have salad at every meal.... 

24 meals @ 3 meals per day.... This seed order has paid for itself in 4 days!!

And it can now come out of the grocery budget!! 


  1. Nice! That was a very systematic rationalization, now go buy those seeds.

    1. I did.Trying to get everything planted so it is all strong enough to make it through the winter. What are you planting?