Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sprout Dead Seeds In The...

Rain is your garden's best friend, best fertilizer, most exhilarating growth producer. Seeds that don't stand a chance of growing, stand a chance in the rain.

Spinach seeds are sprouting on the remains of a dead...
rootball that I threw in the garden. I dumped them there because the rootball was black, so if anything sprouted , I'd be able to find it against the black backdrop. See those seeds in the very first picture of this post? The spinach seeds sprouted after three years in my refrigerator. BTW, spinach hardly ever grows in Georgia gardens.

I had a quarter pound of beet seeds that were 5 years old. I planted them, sort of, in the bed formerly known as strawberries. That garden bed is officially the spinach bed. I planted this year's spinach seeds, with the seeder, in rows, in that bed. Then it rained for two days. The rain barrels filled and I watered my spinach with that water too. Guess what I have now? A. Lot. Of. Beets. Good thing the greens are edible too! I heart beets.

Seeds heart rain more. 

I dumped a quarter pound of carrot seeds that were 4 years old. I sprinkled them between almost every vegetable row on the entire farm. Carrots. Carrots are the pirates of the vegetable world. Even when they are new, they can be disagreeable. It rained here everyday for almost a month. Boy, do I have carrots!

Maybe if I put my wallet out in the rain...

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