Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What to Plant in February

Yeah, same photo every year!

The inventor of Valentines day was not a gardener. Who would dream up addressing envelopes with the new Spring light streaming through the windows? 

February is a month of potential. Just not the kind where somebody else is going to fulfil your romantic dreams. Only you know your dreams. Buy your own candy and quit expecting other people to read your mind.

Now, for the garden... a great topic for February. 

Seeds. Start them.  
I know you haven't planted your seeds yet. If you had a field full of winter veggies, you wouldn't be reading this.  
Plant them...
now. Plant things that can withstand the last freeze, because it is February and there is going to be at least one more freeze.

Don't jump into the tomato seeds yet. There is still a lot of time left before Spring really means it and tomato seedlings need care. Care that I'm not going to give them for more than a couple weeks. So, just cold weather crops this week. Plant the above mentioned seeds when the weather is calling for several days or a week of non-freezing temperatures.

Then when it is cold, sit by the blazing fire and eat the candy you bought. 

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