Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Planting Instinct Kicks In

It's.   Too.   Early.
The Earth is tipping back into our hemisphere - Spring is on the way!

Cleaning up the growing area at Caley's Culinary has proven easier than I expected.  We may make a YouTube video about how to find and recognize black widows.

I believe humans have an instinct to grow things.  Like squirrels burying nuts at a certain time of year, people's Spring Fever is probably based on a need to find, produce and save food.

Keeping that in mind, I've been trying my hardest not to plant...
seed trays with tomatoes.  It's just too early!  So I broke down this morning.  I planted catnip and leeks.  I'm not sure how the leeks will do since they are dormant in hot weather, but I love them and I had the seeds already.  Hopefully, they will be established before the summer heat sets in.  Then the challenge will be to remember where they are and not dig them up!

I planted them in 1/2 inch pots.  Another questionable decision, since the best luck I've had with leeks was from direct sowing followed by complete neglect.

The catnip seeds were 2 years old.  The general rule of thumb is that seeds lose 25% germination each year and harsh conditions make that worse.  These have been sheltered, so we should still get something.  A CATNIP TIP: Keep the seed packet in a zip-close sandwich bag.  Otherwise your cat will find them, chew through the bag, eat some of it and some of the seeds and then urinate on what's left.  Believe me this is true.  I've been doing this for decades and I have had scores of cats in that time.

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