Thursday, March 21, 2013

Low-Mainenance Gardening

Carrots with weeds!
I'm a lazy gardener.  I try to blame it on Multiple Sclerosis, but I think a lot of it is just me.  Certainly, all the people without MS blame me. 

When the Spring thaw finally comes, I have energy and I'm willing to spend it.  Groundwork in the Spring makes for lazy gardening when it's hot...

Each plant gets its own big hole.  There are a lot of compost, leaves and grass clippings put into the hole.  Some pelletized fertilizer is sprinkled on.  Directly in contact with the roots is good potting soil. 

If you aren't hung up on organic, there is a really good slow-release fertilizer that lasts for most of the summer.  It's called Osmocote 14-14-14.

If you ARE hung up on organic, sprinkle some chicken manure in the hole and every two weeks thereafter.  Top dress it with a variety of other fertilizers on the off weeks.

Put a thick layer of newspaper or cardboard around the base and cover that with straw or grass clippings.  This will keep the weeds from coming up easily. 

If your plant turns yellow, it is hungry. 

My neighbor hoes his garden on hot dry days so the weeds he hoes up dry out and die quickly.  I weed after the rain when the ground is soft.

I haven't figured out a low-maintenance way to harvest and cook yet.

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