Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Chocolate Strawberries (Valentines) Day!

1/2 a king sized, nuke for 48 seconds
Chocolate strawberries are super easy to make.  Forgive my bluntness.  Here's the quick recipe to give you a jump on the directions before Valentines Day (That's VD day for some of you.)  I'll add pictures later.  Of the chocolate strawberries.

One half of a...
They were out of strawberries at Kroger.
king sized Hershey's, microwaved for 48 seconds.  It won't look melted.  It will look exactly like when you put it in the microwave.  It may even have a couple unmelted chunks in it, but they will melt quickly.  No need to wait.

Hold the stem and roll the strawberry in the chocolate.  Repeat with another strawberry.

If you want tiny chips or sprinkles or something, have them in a bowl and roll each berry in them while the chocolate is still soft.

Put them on a pretty plate, wax paper or cute baking cup.

Post the picture to Pinterest like a boss.

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