Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Orange Creamsicle Flavored Spinach Smoothie

Purists are going to hate me, but things went wrong and all I had was some aging, orange Gatorade. So, I used it.  Spinach has never tasted so good.
(BONUS: This smoothie turns your teeth and tongue blue!)

Thanks to every healthy-living guru who has ever touched a computer, we all know that for optimum health, one must drink smoothies for breakfast. Since I planted roughly 600 spinach seeds last fall and we had a mild, wet winter, about 20 of them grew. 
Waste not, want not!

I couldn't bring myself to actually eat the spinach, so I bought some frozen blueberries and vanilla ice cream. Orange Julius, at the mall, blends blueberries and a big scoop of ice to make the smoothies I buy there. By twisting their concept, I thought frozen blueberries would...
be more efficient.

So, I washed the spinach and packed it in the blender on top of a cup of frozen blueberries. Packed down, it was about one and a half cups of spinach.

Here's where you can learn from my mistake: frozen blueberries don't blend. The blade spins around, chopping up the bottom few, and the rest stay in a clump above it, untouched. The spinach sat, completely irrelevant. I've made this mistake as many times as Adele has called that guy. Adele and I have this in common: we never learn from the last time.

So I added the ice.

Still a clump.

I pounded down everything but my children with a wooden spoon. (Don't pound too much, unless you want to drink wood pulp.)

It obviously needed more liquid and nothing was melting quickly enough to do the job. The orange juice in the fridge may have passed its expiration date. Waste not, want not. Right?

Somebody drank the OJ.
Beside its empty space was some even older orange Gatorade.
Healthy people drink Gatorade, and it was orange flavored, so I used that.
The result was pretty good. It tasted like orange Gatorade, with a hint of freshly mowed grass.
But I bought the ice cream to sweeten the smoothie, and although the Gatorade really did the job, I added a small scoop of ice cream anyway. After all, if the smoothie was too healthy, I might lose weight.

The result looked a lot like bird droppings, so don't put yours in a transparent cup.
But the taste...WOW! Orange Creamsicle Flavored Spinach Smoothie!

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  1. Heart You TOOOOO you brave Superwoman! Cheers! Did you feed it to anyone else or just yourself? I'd try it!

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