Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good Riddance to February

Start small.
Compost those romantic expectations.  February is over!  Go buy seeds.  TODAY.

Now is the time to carpe diam!  Time never flies as quickly as it does in the Spring in the garden.  Take a couple days off and you've almost missed the planting window!  Lucky for you, Bonnie Plants never does.

It's always time to plant something.  The window to plant cool weather vegetables in the South is really short.  Get those cool weather plants started today.  Here is my plan:
Some plants, like snow peas, will grow quickly if you  seed them directly into the garden.  Snow peas can grow in the snow- thus the name.  Put them out today. 
Transplant up if it's still too cold outside.

Other things can get lost, washed away or eaten as seeds.  Start those things indoors or buy bedding plants.

I have a tray with really small holes.  Things will outgrow it very quickly.  Since the freezing weather will be over soon, this is the perfect tray.

Each seed packet you buy today contains roughly 100 seeds.  By starting seeds, you are bound to grow more vegetables than you need.  Rather than canning them or abandoning them to that go-rot-drawer of the fridge, how about donating them to a local food bank?  Boom! an excuse to go overboard in the garden.  Let's get started:

Plant the cool weather crops like broccoli, lettuce, kale, collards in containers today.  They fizzle out when the heat comes so  the window for these is very short in the South.  Water them and put them in the most oppressively hot place you can think of, like the car.  But they will need to be warm at night too, so I use a sunny upstairs window.  They will be ready to transplant at Easter.  Ready to pick at Mother's Day.

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