Sunday, June 22, 2014

Once there was a way...

This has nothing to do with this post.
Some obstacles are just too big to overcome.  To keep progressing, you have to find a way to get around them.  

Another unrelated picture.
The riding mower is broken, dead, unfixable, don't bother asking... something about oil and the engine block... now it pours out of what looks like a big crack.

I can't possibly mow it all with the push mower so...
it just gets mowed in sections. This pisses off my neighbors.  Ha Ha Ha!  I'm outside of your HOA!

Apologies to all my actual readers about the long delay.  Other websites pick up my stories every now and then so I guess there are some readers out there who aren't my friends and relatives.  Here's my excuse:

My neat new MS medication makes me feel like cement.  (Or maybe that's the lesion on my spine.  Hard to tell.)  But it beats spending days with IVs and MRIs.  Plus I tested positive for some virus that might react with the old meds and kill me. 

It doesn't seem as bad as it sounds, but that might be my great attitude, or it might be that I can't see the situation clearly because I am too close to it.  

I don't believe in excuses though, so it makes me feel like a hypocrite to make one.

3 years ago the carrots got pulled.
Enough about me!  Here's the skinny:  The farm hasn't been tilled or planted or even mowed very well.  We are down to 4 chickens and still don't know what predator is picking them off.  One of my neighbors "rented" a couple raised beds and planted stuff, then never returned to pay the rent, or weed.  I guess that means I'll have tomatoes soon!

The carrots I planted in the fall did really well, but we didn't pull most of them and now they make really nice cut flowers.  One of the boys planted zinnias and they look great with the carrots in the clearance vase he bought at Target.  (Full disclosure: I own stock in Target.  But he actually did buy the vase there.)

Sugar snap peas, or snow peas, I'm not sure what we planted - are delish!  They boys eat them as they pick them.  Every single one.  More vegetables for them, less cooking for me!  But the heat has done them in.

Enough about me!  For today.  I didn't even touch what was stuck in my craw so bad it drove me to write a post.  Check back tomorrow and maybe I'll tell you!

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