Saturday, April 25, 2015

Plant Seeds. Grow Plants!

Planted 3 days ago.
Plant seeds. Because life is busy and while you are busy with your other commitments, the seeds will take care of their work too. Seeds grow into plants. That is their work and just like kids and parents, they won't interrupt you while they are busy doing their work.

This picture shows the seeds at the 3 day mark.

Take the seed packet and your coffee and walk outside to that place where you were supposed to plant the garden, and sprinkle the seeds on the soil. Come back in three days and you will have plants growing!  Little, tiny plants, but plants! And they will get bigger while you are busy with your life.

Today is a great day to do that too because it is supposed to rain. You won't have to water and birds won't come out in the rain and eat your seeds.

So, plant some seeds today. This time next week, you will be growing plants! All in 5 minutes, today.