Sunday, January 19, 2014

How to (pretend to) Grow Winter Vegetables

Why yes, you HAVE seen this picture before!
Leafy greens are THE super food.  Look like a trendy health nut by following these steps:

1) Get credit for every one of them you eat by posting pictures of them on your plate.  You don't have to cook your own.  You just need to take a picture of some on a plate.  You don't really even have to eat them.

2) Get credit for the same greens again by posting pictures of the plants.  Pull this off  by...
planting one leafy green plant in a big cup.  Start with seeds or plants, whatever. 
Use soil that is looser t
han play-dough.  You only need enough to go under and around the roots. Fill the bottom with shredded paper.  The plants don't care and neither do I.

3) You only need to have one that is alive.  Take the picture really close up, of the one plant, and post it to the internet.  Everyone will think you eat those greens all the time.  

4) You can tell your doctor, who you will see far less often after eating leafy greens, that you have eaten ALL THESE GREENS! (Show him the picture.)

5) Get a third leafy-greens credit by posting recipes for the very same leafy greens

6) Take a picture of them in a cute basket when you pick them and post that.

7) Take another picture while you are chopping them up.  

8) Be sure to describe your efforts in detail - planting, harvesting, prep, smell, taste.  Ok, you might have to eat a bite of them to describe the taste part.

Wow!  That was way easier than going to the gym!  New Year's resolution accomplished!

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