Friday, January 10, 2014

What To Plant In January

Wheatgrass.  Nutritious.  Grows fast indoors.
January is a tough month for gardening since January weather is usually not conducive to planting anything.

The temptation starts to build for growing seedlings now, but unless you own a commercial greenhouse, this is a waste of money.  Especially soft plants with weak immune systems like basil, rarely make it even in a commercial greenhouse.  Here's the one exception I've grown: habanero peppers.  I started these in the summer once for a fall crop.  Those things grew so slowly I had to overwinter them in the greenhouse before they were big enough to transplant into the garden.  Some other crazy hot pepper was with them.  Don't remember what it was.

Die-hard plant junkies jonesing for a fix should try growing sprouts or wheatgrass.  If the weather is warm for a week or so, plant a few cold-hardy greens in the garden.  There is a neat carrot project you can start in a soda bottle.  I'll post that when it grows.

What you CAN do in January that will bring you a breath closer to Spring:...

  • Go through garden catalogs and plan your vegetable garden
  • Fix your hoses and sharpen your tools
  • Add compost and organic matter to the garden
  • Mulch heavily to keep weeds from sprouting before you get everything planted
  • On a nice sunny dry day, chop up all the fallen leaves with the lawn mower and turn them under in the garden.  That will wear you out.

At the very least, get whatever sun is available.  Everyone  needs vitamin D.

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