Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Did It! (Cheap Easy Meals Part I)

That one on the left.  Is fast.
The last chicken wouldn't get in the dog cage and it was 15 degrees and so we made a quick grocery run.  I was saying bad words in front of my kids.  I had had a headache all day and I was out of ibuprofen.  SO, I stepped away.  To the grocery store.

They had a bin of individual Twinkies and you better believe I was in it.  Those frosted, chocolate cupcakes too.   And a 2 liter bottle of ibuprofen on sale!

Beside the checkout was a display of...
puffed veggie sticks.  I grabbed one to offset the "junk" food.  Yeah, it's processed. But my fingers felt like they had been beaten with a frozen hammer and I still had one more chicken to chase down.  I figured it was better than what I planned for dinner: nothing.

 Then, I DID IT!  I put them back!  Because...
I have celery in the fridge and two jars of peanut butter - one for each kid.  They can double dip because they each have their own jar!  And celery with peanut butter is WAY less processed and maybe more nutritious.  (I didn't actually check the label to see what was in the veggies sticks or their nutritional content.)

Guess what else, celery costs less than one microwave meal or the $4 puffed veggie sticks.

Here's a list of cheap meals that can be prepared even when you've been chasing the freaking chicken in 15 degree weather:
  • Celery with peanut butter
  • apples with peanut butter
  • baked potato
  • soft boiled eggs
  • "Old-timey" cereal, aka: granola and milk
 When we got back, the chicken was on the porch trying to get in.  :) 

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