Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gettin' There

More of my son's photography.
I haven't forgotten that I have a blog and I am working on new material.

I just haven't eaten enough doughnuts to really get the juices flowing lately.  But I'm back to the trough now so expect more posts.

For instance, there is a myth that needs debunking: that gardening is dirty and messy and hard.  Gardening can be done by girlie girls with manicures.  The rustic approach is not necessary to reap the rewards of vegetable gardening.

That said, too many gardening pictures look like swimsuit catalogues.  Perfect pictures that try to make make gardening look foolproof.  Some people want to sell you bridges.  In the spirit of erasing some dead-plant stigma...
I'll show you a whole series built around an idea that DID NOT WORK.  And it is one of those trends going around the internet: growing food from vegetable scraps.  For real peeps, this is not a project for beginners!

At the other end of the spectrum, I've designed a super easy growing plan for containers called "Grow A Money Tree."  I really believe people can save more money by gardening than they spend on it.  Using the stuff I already have from the farm wouldn’t be an accurate portrayal of Everyman.  Most people don't have farms and wholesale licences and access to distributors so I started from scratch on the patio.  When the first step gets done I'll have pictures and can start posting the results!

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