Wednesday, July 17, 2013

World's Easiest Tomato Pasta Sauce

Didn't have a tomato picture.
It's the easiest recipe, short of eating an apple.  Remember, I don't like to cook and I am a picky eater.

The tomatoes need to be dark red, supper ripe, even with a few spots that need removing because they are SOOO ripe.  If bugs ate some, that's OK too.

Since I don't like potatoes, you can use them in a potato launcher to keep the critters out of your tomato plants.  Today we aren't looking for easily stored root crops to sustain us through the winter.  We don't need to dig carrots from the sand barrel. Today is the height of the season.  As good as it gets.  Don't look a gift summer in the mouth.


And here is the easiest tomato recipe in the world - and it freezes well!...

Two summers ago we didn't come home.  Memories of that summer still blur by:
They are coming for us!!

In the best parenting move of my life, we took the kids to Florida to see the very last space shuttle launch.  Hell yeah.  The ground shakes.  Sonic boom after sonic boom hit you as one section, then the next breaks the sound barrier.  It accelerates so quickly, it doesn't all go through at once.  Sorry you missed it.

My college room-mate had the good fortune - we are going to call it that - of chicken sitting for us.  She took the most amazing chicken pictures!

Sarah has an MBA.  She has lived and worked all over the world including an extended stay in war zones in the Middle East.  Now she drives an 18-wheeler.  She speaks a number of languages, including Chicken. 

It was also tomato season and as usual my tomato patch gave forth a flowerpot full of half-rotten, golf ball sized, very red tomatoes.

Sarah felt like this was the best food option available at our house which reflects how little I prepared for her visit and how keen her eye for good food.  

Sarah rocks.

Sarah's Tomato Sauce:

Cut the bad spots off the tomatoes.  You don't need to peel them.  You can even use just the chunks of good that are left from the goner tomatoes.

Put them in the blender with a clove of garlic, two sprigs of basil.  Chop. Blend. Purée. Liquefy.

My blender is el cheapo and it does this just fine.  There aren't any identifiable pieces, not even seeds or skin.

Pour it into a saucepan and heat it slowly, keeping it bright red.

Pour it over pasta.  Freeze what's left.

After that, go to Charleston for a while.  Stop by the garden to get more tomato pieces and clean clothes on your way to Nashville.

Then visit Aunt Peggy at what is left of the family land grant in Ohio.  

Follow this up with a stay at Sarah's farm, location classified.  

Visit the Grandparents and then the other Grandparents in Tennessee.

Get back the morning the kids start school.

We may never top that summer break, but what fun we will have trying!


  1. Great tomato recipe and photo (lol) , love the chook picture !

    1. Thank you! How's the weather down there? Are you garden planning? Or can you grow all year?

  2. It was my pleasure! Love the chickens!