Friday, July 12, 2013

Beans, Beans the Musical Fruit!

Here's my recurring life lesson:  Procrastination pays!

These are some of the seeds we planted to clean out the seed cabinet.  They were called asparagus beans?  Or yard-long beans?  I don't remember and they didn't come up so after a month I threw away the package and called it a loss.

We tilled and didn't till other sections and planted them.  But there were a few okras coming up in this area and not many weeds - so it got ignored.   

If I was on the ball, I would have...
tilled and replanted this section of the field.  You know me better than that right?

Surprise!  They came up as pole beans, but the beans themselves eluded us.  Until today!  When two very bold, skinny and long beans stuck out from a rogue stem that was not tangled in the mass.  It's as big and sturdy as the trampoline.  Impressive for a 'loss.'

I can't imagine how we can get to the beans.  I don't know how many are lurking in the depths, but I can say with confidence that will be their final resting place.  We might try to pick the ones that pop up.

The picture on the right was picked from two other rows.  These beans will make a pretty mulch.  We did use and sell about this same amount and although some of these beans aged beyond usability, many were damaged by the immense amount of rain we've had. These came from bush bean plants.  They are a nice, quiet cooperative type bean if you are looking for bean varieties without attitude.

Long skinny mystery beans, they have a little more personality.
This is an adventure I have never had. 

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