Saturday, August 24, 2013

Catch Up On Your Money Tree - or ketchup

Day 4
The money-saving garden plan is growing like weeds!  Check out the progress.  Share your progress. 

Don't feel down if you haven't planted this stuff yet.  You still have time and...I haven't planted it all either.  

Remember the basket of herbs?  There was no picture because it didn't get done that day.  The parts are all still sitting on my porch.  

If you are just now planting, you still have time to make back, in produce, more than you spend in dollars.  Here is the article that will tell you what to buy/collect today to start the project.  I highlighted the list in yellow.  Tomorrow I'll have a list of fall veggies for you to look over and plant or expand into.  You will still need the same supplies.

But the most egregiously misleading post I've made...
I didn't spray those caterpillars.
This hurts me more than it hurts you because caterpillars are soft-bodies insects and fairly easy to kill.  The bug spray recipe is here if you need it.  I'm planting mine again because they ate ALL the lettuce.  Nothing left but soil.

Spider mites have attacked the lettuces in the garden.  They look like little white speckles.  I will use the soap spray to kill them.  The lettuces will outgrow them very quickly.

Now some quick math to adjust our planting plan and see if we can catch up...Halloween will be our first frost.  Approximately 65 days away.  Some of the vegetables we planted, like lettuce, weren't summer crops anyway.
  • Small squash takes 48 days from planting to harvest.  You want them small anyway unless you are stuffing them. 
  • Beans will take 55 days.  Since we are planting in containers, you can bring the plants in to harvest after the frost.  Or you can substitute with a winter veggie.  
  • Tomato plants may not be available this late in the season, but if you find one, get it.  They grow just fine indoors after it gets cold.
  • Peppers are in the nightshade family with tomatoes so same goes for them.  Or you can switch this one for a winter veggie.
  • Lettuces are winter veggies unless you live in Canada or Alaska.  Keep planting those.
The Growing Prosperity Plan is still valid if these are the vegetables you like.  If not, spend today gathering your soil, pots and fertilizer and then choose your groceries tomorrow from the cool-weather list.

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