Sunday, August 25, 2013

Finally Time To Switch! -Winter Vegetable Choices

Go buy doughnuts.  You will need them to make your fortune today.

It is 63 degrees this morning.  My mother told me I had to wear a coat if it was below 65.  And she's from Michigan.  They swim around icebergs there.

In Georgia, if 63 degrees happens in the daytime, it is winter.  We have been blessed this year with enough rainfall to use our gills, which we never get to use, and to keep the temperature under 100 the entire summer!!!  (Not completely true.  The thermometer did hit triple digits one day last week - while I was mowing the yard, thanks.)

Breathe a sigh of relief this time.  It is supposed to be this temperature at this time of year and we have two days without rain in the forecast.  Go buy doughnuts.  Don't feel guilty.  You are going to work them off and contribute to your physical and financial health.

I'll wait here while you go get doughnuts.  You will need coffee too.  Get some for me.  Send them to the farm.  The address is on the Facebook page.

Suspend judgement of leafy greens until you read the winter vegetable list.  You will find something you like.  Find 5 things; four that you like and one to take you out of your comfort zone.  

You ate the doughnuts.  Karma dictates that you try one new vegetable.  Here is the list of beautiful vegetables you can grow in the winter:...

 Giant Radish

Carrots                                                Broccoli
leaf lettuce                                          Romaine lettuce
Arugula                                               Beets
Garlic                                                  Kale 
Cauliflower                                         Collards
Tatsoi                                                  Mustard
Mizuna                                                Ridicchio
Radishes                                             Cilantro
Things that grow underground
Things where you eat the leaves

Feel free to buy the seeds on this list and follow the directions on the packages to plant them.  There is a link to Amazon on the right if you don't want to get up.  I will be expounding on the vegetables in more detail in days to come.  You will also have questions that I will be glad to answer in place of writing a real post.

Quickie Fall Crops:
Brussels Sprouts
There is no good season for growing these crops in the South.  They require a long period of cool weather.  We will be going from Summer to cold too quickly for them to do very well.  Smoke 'em if you got 'em (figuratively.)  The perfect weather won't last.


  1. I reckon I don't like being doughnut-blackmailed. I ate the doughnut as you requested and now I get the bait-and-switch that since I ate a doughnut now I need to eat some healthy greens? Hmmmm....

    I'm a bit jealous of your cool season crops. When I was in Southern California I looked forward to Winter as it was the only time I could grow spinach, kale, lettuce, broccoli without it immediately bolting or being unhappy. In North Dakota, when it's winter, it's winter and you ain't growing squat outside. I'm hoping to have a greenhouse ready in a year or two and grow cool season crops all winter.

    1. The doughnut was to help you have enough energy to plant the greens. The damage from the doughnut will be repaired with interest by all the greens you can eat once they grow! It was for your own good.