Saturday, August 10, 2013

Update: Six Veggie Containers You Can Still Make!

Day 4
Plants are like children: they keep growing even when I'm too busy to notice.  I never said the project days would be all consecutive!

These are the six nursery containers I planted with vegetables 13 days ago.  I'd love to see your progress!  Post pictures and links below, along with any questions you have.  Here are mine:

The bean seeds came up and already have flowers.  The tomato and pepper plants have buds too.  The peppers have doubled in size.  All three squash seeds came up well!

The lettuce is suffering.  It came up well, but the constant rain has beaten it down and made mush of the leaves.  It's also kinda leggy.  When any plant gets stringy, it is not getting enough light.  Lettuce likes cool weather so I put it in the shade, but it also needs more light than I have given it.  Maybe it will recover.  Maybe it will need replanting when the weather cools off.

Both beans and squash make great...
pickles.  I am not inclined to make pickles, so feel free to share any
Day 13: Buds on the pepper plant.
fast, easy recipes that make small batches.  We want to save the harvest for the winter,  but I don't need a ton of work.  I have enough work already.  We'll do it the easy way.  I'm looking for brine recipes that can be used for both the squash and the beans.  I don't expect to have enough to make a batch of pickles from each every week.  Of course we will want to eat as many as we can stand before we start canning them.  Pickles are for leftovers.  You can share your recipes for fresh vegetables too.

Planted a few lettuce seeds around the tomato too.

The beans and squash aren't ready yet so we'll start saving a jars with the same sized opening on the top and scoping out the canning section of stores for rings and lids that will match the jars.  Any glass jars are fine: mayonnaise jars, salad dressing jars, pickle jars.  They just need to have lids that screw on, not just pop open.  We won't use the lids but the jar needs to have the threads around the top so the canning rings can fit them.
Lettuce is recovering.

Today's Assignment: look through your recycling to see if you should save any of the glass jars.  You will need four, screw-on-lid style jars. 

Assignment 2: Share pictures of your progress!

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