Monday, August 12, 2013

Gardening With A Manicure

Being a girlie girl does not preclude gardening. 

As a beauty queen, one will want things pretty.  We will have to find a way to garden that doesn't involve weeding the garden in the rain and mud.  Best if there is no weeding at all.  It takes a huge toll on the manicure.

Let's grow things in containers.  If you flip through a gardening magazine and you are looking for them, you will notice that many of the corners and empty spots are filled with containers.  Containers are kind of like pictures on the walls.  They are the details that matter.  They also don't get many weeds.

Next you will need...
some good looking fingernails.  Since I was a kid, people have been remarking on my fingernails.  I don't spend a lot of time on them but I am aware of them, more so now that I have seen them in my YouTube videos.  Previously I never thought they were anything more than tools to open packages with.  So here are a few steps I've implemented to preserve the manicure:
  • Gloves are essential to gardening with a manicure.  I tend to dig things out with my fingernails.  That's why God gave them to us.  But digging without gloves will ruin even my claws in one session.  Another good reason to wear gloves is to avoid bites from venomous insects.  And gloves keep the nails you have from getting stained.  
  • When you pull up weeds the chlorophyll will stain your fingernails brown.  Polish will cover it.
  • Wash under the fingernails when you are finished.  I'm one of those people who freak out when there is dirt under my nails.  What kind of a gardener does that?  I can get almost all of the dirt out with the "Double Flick" of putting the nails from one hand under the nails from the other and flicking the stuff out.  A high pressure hose will clean the dirt out too. 
  • Don't cut them.  If they break, just file the part that catches on your clothes.  Nobody but you will even notice but you.  Until the rip endangers the structural integrity of the nail, just leave it alone.  When the time comes, cut off as little as possible to solve the problem.  I have always cut it down to the tear.  Turns out, that isn't always necessary.
  • Inherit oddly strong fingernails.

The vanity involved with hair and make-up, I still have not caught on to yet.  If you have tips to help me with those, consider this post a trade:  I gave you some manicure tips, you fix the rest of me.

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