Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Never Trust a Tomato :Wheel-of-Fortune Round

Wheel-of-Fortune could not be more frightening.  Vanna is turning letters each day and the answer is becoming obvious: T-O-M-A-T-O-E-S.  The tension is rising as each day clicks one wedge closer to the jackpot.  I hear the chant, "Don't get greedy. Don't get greedy."  But I am powerless to stop the wheel turning.  I don't want to spin again, but the tomatoes aren't ready.  And we know where the conflict arises:...

You can't trust tomatoes.  They will crack.  They like birds and birds like them.  Stinck bugs and tomato horn worms.  Thieving neighbors and the bonus round: caregivers without tomato cages.

Everyday the digital display rolls higher and the people at home are shielding their eyes.  My friends are cheering, dreaming that somehow I will lose my turn and they will be the beneficiaries of all the letters I have put in place.

There is a lot riding on this spin.  The tomatoes are Early Girls.  They are indeterminate.  It's possible they could get larger and produce all summer.

The "loose everything" wedge clicks closer and we all know: the tomatoes are still not staked.

This is the real age-old question:  How much time can I sacrifice from my family and my other obligations to tie up the tomatoes?
And there are other prizes that could be won, or lost: The other players already have squash borers. Squash bugs have set in.   They are even on the cucumbers!

They haven't touched the luffas.  If you are ever tasked with repopulating the planet and you have to grow your own food, choose luffas which are edible when young, and okra.  No diseases.  No bugs.  More vegetables than you can possibly eat.  Weight loss ranches should go this route too.  Nobody can get fat on little luffas and okra.

But I digress... It's time to spin.  I have tomatoes to win.  And stake.


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