Monday, June 24, 2013

The Robot Order and Other Regretable Impulses

They took away my "Buy With One Click" button  when my 6-year-old bought that $700 robot and I cancelled the order.  :(

Sometimes I run my life that way:  impulsively and not efficiently.  

Today I am going crazy impulsive and making a to-do list, but tomorrow I will be back to wrestling the tomatoes into some cages without regard to what is on the list.

This week, for just the five business days of this week, I am going to make a plan and follow it.  Maybe more than one, but nothing scary: 
  • The meal plan - saves me money every time I make one!
  • The organize one thing plan - Oh yes! the "educational activity pile"
  • Chip out of the expenses plan - You won't believe this list!...
As much work as I do at the farm, some things just never get done.  And some of those things are little and would really benefit my family and my pocketbook.  Staking the tomatoes has become an important goal, but today I will make a VERY modest plan for just the next 5 days. Each day will have a small, achievable goal and no matter how tired I am, I will do them.  

Monday - I am meeting three people at the farm about business at 8 am.  A little later I have to drop off some eggs.  These activities all depend on other people so I can't put them off.  They are not really on the list of things I want to get done, but linking other people to any list really makes it impossible to throw that duty into the slacker pile.

Tuesday - Make a hanging basket of oregano.  I had to BUY oregano this month to make spaghetti becasue mine was all rooted to the soil in the pots.  

Wednesday - Pot up the sages.  The purple and tricolor sages have been in their plug trays since April.  They aren't helping anyone there!

Thursday - Take cuttings of pineapple sage

Friday - Make cuttings of stevia

You are right, I could get all this done in a day.  IF I didn't have to mow and make green manure, go to the farmers market(s), cook dinners, lunches, breakfasts, feed the animals, take the cat to the vet, dig the potatoes, spread fertilizer, boil hot peppers and mix pesticide, spray the plants, send out availability lists, plant this week's seeds, pick the beans...

Yep.  My biggest goal this week is to get my own oregano.

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