Sunday, June 30, 2013

Green Beans for Dinner

Burgundy beans turn green when you cook them
We had green beans for dinner.  They were the entree, no sides.  Pile of green beans on a plate.  I did snap the stems off and saute them in butter with garlic, but not for long.  They were still crunchy.  They were very good, if you like raw green beans.

The remarkable part of this story?  Nobody in my house thought twice about it.  I called, "Green beans are ready!" and the kids got themselves plates and piled some on.

Of course...
we've had beans for dinner - lentils, black beans, red beans and rice.  But this is the first time we've had just beans without rice.  And the first time they were green beans.

My kids are awesome!  They ground some sea salt on the green beans and dug in.  I love them.  I'm a little worried about the women they will choose for wives.  I hope they find someone with a love of fresh, real food and not someone who is just too pathetic to cook more than one side item and call it dinner.  I hope when they cook they embrace a variety of vegetables.  Maybe come up with the novel idea of having more than one item at a meal!  I've thought of that too.

This bean dinner is a step up from what they normally have when I am sick: cereal.  This is real, cooked food loaded with tons of vitamins.  No cholesterol.  Very, very little fat.  A little salty, but hey, you can't have everything! 

This offsets the ice cream we had for dinner last night, another one-food meal!

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