Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Million Dollar Dress and the Onions.

When I was still young and beautiful, I learned that if you want to look like a million bucks, you need a million-dollar dress.  If you buy a cheap dress, you had better have the million-dollar body.  If you don't, you will need a million dollars worth of undergarments to pull it off.  Even youth and beauty can't always make up for a cheap dress.

Enter: the clearance onions...
  I bought them this week.  Shallots to be exact.  I really like shallots and when they are available, they are individual and expensive..  The lure of unlimited shallots called me.  These were in 8-packs for 50 cents.  So I bought the cheap-dress onions.

They are a little bit out of season in Georgia.  I'm not sure they have a real season here at all.  They like cool weather and we only have frozen and heat-stoke for our seasons.

So, do I have the million-dollar body for my cheap dress?  Nope!  But the back of the garden by the woods is cooler than the rest of the yard.

Lastly, I will have to provide them with the million-dollar foundation.  We just dumped chicken litter fresh from the coop back there and I can't grow in that.  There is space behind the strawberries though.

There was a bed there once, with a thick layer of manure and mulch.  I raked up what I could and turned it over, exposing lots of orange Georgia clay.  Mix and chop.  Turn and mix.

I got them all planted and sprinkled.  It took about three hours, including turnover.  At minimum wage, I could have bought a winter's worth of onions.  I hope they grow a million-dollar dress.  If they do, I will be smelling like onions all the way to the kitchen.

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