Tuesday, September 24, 2013

End of September -What to Plant?

Time to plant strawberries!
It is time to plant something.  

If there is snow on the ground in the dead of winter, it is time to plant spinach!

Don't click away yet.  The news gets better: There are a ton of recipes (easy ones, since I don't like to cook) for winter veggies.  
Radish top soup with butter.  Side of crunchy bread!

Right now, it is still September.  Enjoy the great weather and plant those leafy greens!  Oh! Listen to the enthusiasm!  How many Springs have you hatched out of your layered cocoon and had a perfect beach bod?  None?  Then now is the time to plan.  Start digging and planting and spend those dark winter days creating new recipes instead of reading with a bag of chips.

Make it easy.  Here is the...
Ready in a month!!
same great planting calendar I posted for you in the Spring.  It is a 12 month planting guide and right now it says to plant leafy greens. Some of the tasty recipes include leafy greens.  No, for real.  Leeks aren't on there, but it is time to plant them and you'll need them for a few of the recipes so hop to it.

Get double duty from your gardening investment by choosing something with multiple edible parts, like arugula.  You can eat the leaves and the flowers. It can also be eaten raw or cooked.  Vegetable multitasking.

Another good one is radishes.  You only think you don't like them.  Sliced thinly on sandwiches they add a milder spiciness than mustard, but with the crunchiness of lettuce and sweeter too.  The greens make a great soup.  The best part about growing radishes:  They are ready in a month!

Rosemary and garlic are a great combination in the stock pot and now is the perfect time to plant them.  Get the biggest rosemary you can find so you can start using it right away.  Sage for Thanksgiving?  You can transplant sage plants any time of year in our zone.

Go ahead, click open the planting calender and look at the September column.  Choose your favourites, or things you have easy recipes for.  Then send those easy recipes to me!!  I'll post mine here on the website.


  1. i need a no-till garden plan. LOL. I loved my first winter garden, but hate that tiller!!

    1. Put layers of cardboard on everything but the rows. and weigh it down with hay or grass clippings. Or just dump grass clippings on the garden and dig a row in them to plant. I only used the tiller 3 times this year and that was on the big field. Hope to see you soon!

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