Sunday, September 1, 2013

Are Jalapenos Spicier When Cooked?

There is a mountain of jalapeños and I am taking bids.  And bets.  But most of all recipes.

I decided to test Sarah's assertion that cooking the jalapeños makes them spicier.

Have you heard that story about not cleaning out the seeds with your bare hands?....Don't worry.  You can clean about three jalapeños before your fingers get burned.  I may be a little off.  When I was in labor and didn’t know it, the nurse asked me to rate the pain from 1-10 with 10 being highest.  I said, "Two.  Oh! That hurt.  Three."  So when I say the fourth pepper burned a little, it did.  Of course it burned for hours too, so it adds up.

Pouring vinegar on the burn worked wonders for my son’s jellyfish sting.  It doesn't work for jalapeño burn.  Just saving you some time.

There was a definite answer as to whether the japeno was spicier when cooked...

It was.

I cooked two peppers and four eggs in each batch and divided them up among the family.  One member opted out.

The first batch of sliced jalapeños was sliced and sautéed in butter for five minutes before the eggs were added.  It wasn't hot.  A little spicy right at the end.

The second batch of peppers was tossed in and cooked with the eggs.  They were essentially raw.  Still crunchy.  Not hot.  Not even a little at the end.

They did make my eyes water when I cut them up.

I understand these peppers were mild.  I don't know why.  I've never tried to deliberately grow hot peppers to the full potential of their breed.  These were the mildest jalapeños I have ever had.  I'm happy about that because I have a lot of them to eat.

Please leave recipes below.

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