Monday, September 9, 2013

Procrastination and Ice Cream Plants

When I saw the Klondike bars in the freezer Saturday I knew who bought them and what I had to do.  I could only eat three without getting a tummy ache or brain freeze.  My goal was to recreate the disappointment experienced so often when the other members of the family go to the freezer or pantry for dessert and find the dessert already gone.

The disappointment was not recreated since I was not able to eat them all.  Today somebody mentioned hiding them, which I never thought of.  Brilliant.  In the freezer.  Ingenious!  Behind stuff at the bottom.  Did you know I have a genius level IQ?  It hasn't helped me in life as this scenario demonstrated.

What does this have to do with gardening?

I know you...
haven't planted your fall veggies and garlic yet.  I know because I haven't planted mine either and most of you just come to this site to be entertained by my misfortunes and learn a enough about gardening to feel like you participated in gardening.

What's more, nobody has hassled my sister, who is doing the same thing as you (and me.)  

I haven't gotten any jalapeño recipes either.  FYI: If your jalapeños are left on the counter for a week, they will ripen to become RED jalapeños.  My understanding is that red ones are milder than green which make these completely without heat.  I plan on making roasted red bell pepper sauce out of them soon.  Right after I plant the next round of lettuce which will be after I spray the goners with soap spray.

Quit slacking.  This is not hard.  It doesn't take a genius to grow lettuce but you have one at your disposal for gardening questions.

Make good use of this time.  Winter IS coming.

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