Thursday, September 5, 2013

You Don't Really Have To Read This One

The funniest thought occurred to me today and I knew it would be the perfect beginning to the make-up post apologizing for being incognito for a week.

But I didn't write it down.  That's twice in a week.  It hasn't been a very funny week, so I really needed those two funny thoughts.  Maybe they'll turn up.

My kids made me laugh too, until my cheeks hurt.  It was a strange sensation that I didn't recognise at first.  Best not to post that joke.  I had to sit on one kid to keep him from acting on the idea at the mall.  He cracked a few zingers too, that I didn't write down.  (We are getting to the garden part.)

Do you see a pattern here?  AB AB?  I should have written some things down and then I would have been able to write more, better things.  Just get started.  Any little thing helps.  Life lesson.  I wrote a post today because getting started is the hardest part.  

Which brings me to my sister's garden...

She bought the stuff to do the project where you grow the veggies in containers and grow more in veggies than you  spend on supplies.  But she didn't plant them.  Feel free to hassle her.  Here's a link to her blog: Homesteader Wannabe.

I also realized today that the plant show is two weeks away and I haven't planted my stuff yet.  But my kids know the sh!t out of their mixed fractions.  Hope that pays off.  Better than selling plants and vegetables at least.  Really folks, if I can get ready for a plant show in two weeks, you can plant some kale.

Oh, oh, oh...the joke had something to do with kale.  Now you are wondering HOW can kale be funny?  Right?  So am I.

We ended our night out in the Lego store making minifigs.  I dutifully made mine a doctor because the kids don't have one and I thought it would be educational.  I passed on the syringe for her accessory since I've already vacuumed up several from the ambulance set.  I thought I had chosen a cup of coffee until the little guys told me it was a sauce pan and that the coffee cup looks like a coffee cup.

That was the last straw.  The doctor got a chainsaw accessory.  Give my doctor coffee or somebody is going to lose something!  It's been that kind of week.

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  1. Hey! That doesn't mean I won't still plant them! It's South Florida - I have time!

    The Sister