Friday, September 20, 2013

Personal Appearance! And Fall Decor

The best thing that happened this week was the sullen Krispy Kreme worker gave us 3 dozen free doughnuts for Talk Like a Pirate Day.  All day people kept telling us how good we looked.  I may have found my second calling.

My hair and eyeliner for sure are starting to look like Jack Sparrow.  I didn't realize Johnny Depp had dreadlocks in the movie until my kids pointed it out.  Thanks guys.  That's an improvement over the rest of the week!

The plants we planted and potted up for the plant show have not grown and some have died.  A predator killed our favorite chicken.  I was hoping she was just eating the plants and that is why they weren't growing and she wasn't coming to get her food.  The kicker is that the plants look like they will be ready on Sunday, when the plant show is over.

So come on out to the Hall County Master Gardeners Expo and buy some of these mums I got from the wholesale grower.  They are really beautiful.  You won't have to do any other decorating for fall. There are also kids activities and I will be giving away the last of our free arugula seeds.

Tomorrow there is a good...
chance I will have some of the almost-ready African Blue basil and microgreens for sale. 

I still haven't sprayed and the mystery critter ate the arugula too.  The new lettuce has sprouted and they are prime rib for whatever caterpillar is dining on my containers, so that MUST BE DONE TODAY.

But I had it on the MUST list yesterday too and it's still there.  I'll probably be replanting that container again.  Good thing lettuce grows fast. 

The beans might get some love, but I don't have any today.  They have what I think are Mexican bean beetles, except these are larvae.  They are bright yellow, fuzzy things.  The description makes them sound cute, but they are not.  They are scary looking. Like the plant show.

Help a sister out and come say hello.  I think they have concessions.  We are still eating the 3 dozen doughnuts we earned by walking around dressed like pirates.

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