Monday, September 23, 2013

Growing Money Update - tomato change

Assets from previous investments.
The Money-Growing Plan is liquid, like cash.  Money lesson of today: NEVER keep your assets liquid.  Liquid assets evaporate! Liquid can also change shapes to suit its container.

You see, there has been a change...
  A bunch of Early Girls are growing in the compost.  One lucky winner is going to get yanked out and potted up.  The six-container Growing Money Plan will be a little warped by this transgression, but there are no regulators to catch me and you can probably get some seeds of these on clearance on the internet. 
Same 3 toms from week 2.  :(

We'll call it rebalancing the portfolio.  The tomato asset is not preforming asset. 

I am going hiking to find some sticks to stake the tomato.  It needs a little work.  I feel ya' tomato.  I wish leaning on a couple sticks would rehab my appearance. But spending an hour in the woods is cheaper than buying a couple of bamboo stakes.  Or not.  But the vitamin D is cheaper.  

My biggest concern with the tomato is that it's not continuing to bloom.  I fear I may have purchased a determinate variety.  Look it up.  It doesn't pay dividends.  It has one cash payout and that payout is looking like only 3 tomatoes.  If you want an Early Girl tomato plant from my compost pile, let me know.  They are about a foot tall.  Offer good to Georgia residents only.  (State not the country.)

That's one money tip (see first paragraph), one gardening lesson (see a paragraph) and one freebie.  JACKPOT!  300,000 lottery tickets don't pay as well.


  1. Nothing like the treasure hunt for a good staking stick. We cut down a bunch of 10-15 foot lilac bushes a few years ago and I spent the better part of a day trimming out and cutting a ton of sticks for staking tomatoes, holding apple tree branches, pea climbing, etc. It's good having a bunch of multi-purpose sticks at your disposal.

    1. THANK YOU! for that great reminder. We have a Confederate rose that is bigger than the house. We haven't chopped it down in a couple years. Won't work for this because it would root if I stuck it in the dirt fresh, but I can take bamboo poles off the shopping list!