Friday, September 27, 2013

Vegetable Storage Ideas? Anyone? Anyone?

I am tomatoed out.  Can't bring myself to look at another tomato sandwich or salad for at least a couple weeks.  But the tomatoes feel differently, so we'll need to store them somehow for the winter.

The freezer is full and my eardrums are weak from the sound of juicing and blending.  A kinder, more gentler food preservation method calls.

I'm considering some very limited pickling.  Not many things from my youth scream "Move away and never come back!" like peeling hot boiled tomatoes.  Not. Going. There.  But maybe a couple jars of pickled okra over the course of the winter have just enough summer left in them to make a nice accent to some warm bread. 

Dried tomatoes too, add something to the winter pastas that other ingredients just don't.  "Lycopene" you say?  Yes.  And the tastiest way to sauté lycopene with olive oil in the winter is dried tomatoes.

Outside of canning, freezing and drying, I'd really like more food preservation techniques.  The ones with easy directions that don't involve me eating all the food and storing it as fat.  ;) 

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