Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How NOT To Plant Potatoes!

More planning for the future: potatoes.

Fall planting is a great way to plan for Spring when we are talking potatoes.  By the time you dig them in the Spring, you will be ready with your tomato plants or maybe your second succession planting of tomato plants to replace them with.
Here's the hilarious version (mine): Taters Reaching Out To Get You!
I know you haven't watched it because the stats say it's only been watched 25 times, and those were probably me.

Here's a guy who knows something: Fall Potato Planting

Here's what you need to know:...
Make sure the soil is loose.

Plant the potatoes as you see in the video, but bury them about two inches deeper and top them with about four inches of mulch.

Fertilize them when they come up in the Spring.  Maybe do it twice.  More if you are potato crazy.

Dig them in the Spring when the stems and leaves start to turn yellow and die.

Dig around them starting a couple inches out from the widest branches.

Potatoes can also be grown in a container like a half barrel or burlap sack.

They are easy and prolific.  Go find a potato recipe you love because you will get hooked on growing them once you try it.  It's very rewarding.

Tomorrow: THE potato recipe.

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