Saturday, November 30, 2013

Walking Dead Container Garden

Zombie needs her roots done.
I'm Baaack!  Like a bad Chucky doll.  Or a zombie from The Walking Dead.

A series of fortunate events had my friend Lisa and I without plans for Thanksgiving, so I made her an offer:  If she would drive from the beach where she lives, to my house in GA, I'd find where they film The Walking Dead.
  TV isn't my thing and slasher movies less so, but Lisa has different taste. She was in the car within minutes.

Yes, this is a gardening post.  If you are looking for zombies on a holiday bring a shovel.  A holiday is probably the only day you would be able to dig up...
plants from behind the The Walking Dead set.  There is a stand of bamboo behind the "prison" like I have NEVER seen in my life!  My love of bamboo began because it was such a good seller at the garden center.  The plants are invasive and a lot of people are looking to block out their neighbors.  Then the neighbors come to get more bamboo for the same reason! -True Story!  Later I realised it makes a beautiful display planted in a large container in front of a window if you don't want curtains.

We hacked up what we could with the Bowie knife Lisa keeps in her car for zombie emergencies such as this.  Lisa managed to break off one giant timber.  Then we realised we had no way to transport it since it was easily twice as long as her SUV and Grantville is a pretty good haul down the express-way from my house.

A lot of movies and tv shows are being filmed around Atlanta and Walking Dead has an entire economically depressed town all to itself.  Grantville consists of about four buildings with multiple store fronts in each.  It's picturesque if you are looking for a ghost town.  It made me want to open a store there.

I'll have to believe Lisa about the scenery.  I have seen a picture of The Walking Dead on the cover of a magazine and I was able to locate those buildings.  But the water tower from that picture is in another part of town: a few hundred feet to the right, covered in vultures.

The Dollar General was open and the lady there knew a lot about where they had filmed.  It's not hard to find the sets since the whole town is smaller than the park by my house and they have filmed there for several years.  She wrote down directions for us during her break and I paid her what I thought  we would have paid for tickets to a tour.  She was STUNNED.  I believe most people discount what their knowledge is worth but that's easy to do when you work for an hourly wage in a poor town.  It's a blessing that I have enough to pay her what she earned.

FYI: Some of the new Dumb and Dumber movie filmed in Grantville too.  And there are quite a few houses for rent.


  1. LOL, that is a funny Thanksgiving story! Only you Rebecca!

    1. When adventure presents itself, jump on it! My sister wonders why all the "Cool" stuff happens to me. "Magical" is the word the boys use. You have to put yourself in the path of it! Love U! Hope we get to see you soon!

  2. LOL love this and FYI to all who are reading this -- I agreed BEFORE the walking dead offer was made - but will admit that it did seal the deal and make me move a bit faster ... LOL ;) thanks for the great T-day adventure Rebecca, we'll have to stop off at the farm house before the next trip to Grantville. xo <3

    1. Are you suggesting you would go on an adventure without me?

    2. never! - but i do have a few folks lined up an ready for our next one ... all it took was "bamboo and prison from the walking dead" - their bags are already packed and waiting LOL