Friday, November 22, 2013

Not-Your-Neighbors' Christmas Tree

It's a lemon tree!

And a key lime tree!  They are big and pretty and I have seen and sold a bunch at my garden center so I can tell you with authority - these are beautiful!  As beautiful as any ever bought for less than $200.

I'm still trying to get good pictures of them, but I promised I would share my awesome gardening find.  It's a lemon tree and a key lime tree!

If you have never smelled a citrus flower, you can't imagine the olfactory euphoria that awaits!  You will never want to breathe out again.

These beautiful trees have numerous clusters of flowers opening too.

We plan on...
wrapping white lights around them and adding a few Christmas decorations, but not too many.  Mostly the boys felt like the fruit on the tree was decor enough.  It just needs a little splash of seasonal flavor.

I've also used potted leland cypress as a Christmas tree before, Italian cypress and black dragon cypress.  Spruce and fir don't grow so well in our zone, but pine trees do.  Finding one in a container would be unusual since they are mostly naturalized.  I have sold magnolias to people who planned on using them for Christmas trees before liberating them.

The year the twins were born, my sister made a construction paper tree, taped it to the television for height and put the gifts around it on the floor.

Have you used something besides a fir or spruce for a Christmas tree?  Do you have pictures?  I'd love to see the pictures!  Post them to my Facebook page or find me on Pinterest.  I have a board there I'm filling with not-your-neighbor's Christmas trees.

Hope to hear from you soon!


  1. We use my grandmother's aluminium Christmas tree from the 50's. Yes, the revolving light still works. The kids absolutely love it. It takes 5 minutes to assemble.

    1. OMG Mia - you don't know how much i miss the tree we had like that .... i've looked and looked for one -- found one on ebay for $1000 -- i mean i miss that tree and the memories - but i guess not THAT much ;)