Saturday, November 2, 2013

Raised Bed Garden in Two Hours!

Here are some fast, easy, cheap raised bed instructions:

The third bed back in this picture...
with the crossed and zip-tied PVC was the easiest and fasted frame.  Not cutting involved!  The fellow in the picture just shoved entire PVC pipes down into the corners of the garden bed frame, diagonally.  After a big storm it had leaned a little too much so he zip tied the pipes together on the top where they crossed.  Be sure to try bending the PVC before you buy it. 
It was the easiest one to store too because there were fewer pieces.

The frame in the front did well too, but we had to installed some brackets in the bed frame to hold the PVC.  You can see them if you look closely.  In a later bed we did the same thing without brackets.  Then we but the long pipes in half and bent them over the bed.  

We had lettuce all winter!  Even gave a bunch to the food bank!

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