Monday, November 18, 2013

Motivational Monday

Start by doing anything.
And you will get something.
Grab the day and make it what you want it to be.

It's motivational Monday.  Another chance to start out on the right foot.  Another chance to tame those problems.  We will not call them problems today.  Today they are just items on a list that need to get taken care of.

The storm woke me up at 3 a.m. and despite taking the sleeping medication, I am still awake.  It's 5:30 now.  No point in going back to bed.  So I heated up some day-old tea and grabbed a ring pop out of the Halloween candy still on the stairs.  You see, on Motivational Monday, whatever steps are needed are taken to set the tone for the week.

And maybe I should get back to plant stuff?  Lest you think I live a blessed existence, I'll share a little of what I'm up against right now:

  • I have chosen a blue ring pop not realizing that ring pops had any bad flavors.
  • The bills are over due by a day, plus mail time will make it 3.
  • The fluffiest cat is missing - not unusual (yes, he's fixed) but still not optimal since we had that bad storm last night and we have recently lost two very loved pets.
  • The kids have not done their home work and it's Monday morning.
  • A pile of lumber is out in the rain.
  • The chicken coop is filthy and it's raining.
  • A paycheck from August has still not arrived.
  • I have to get blood tests done that were overlooked two weeks ago.  Almost 3 now and December 31 is a'comin'.
I'll stop listing things before I crush my delicate grasp on Motivational Monday.

So WHAT is going to make today a stellar one?
  • The carrots are growing and have not been overwhelmed by weeds.
  • The lettuce in the "Growing Money" plan is on it's third harvest.
  • There is a big red bell pepper too.
  • I'm awake early and I'll get the paper work done early.
  • Even though the blue ring pop tastes bad, it is loaded with sugar.
  • The beets I transplanted are still alive and it looks like the stuff I planted there before and gave up on is sprouting too.  Wait, that might be on the list of things to take care of. 
  • A watermelon ring pop is waiting on the stairs.

What's on your list that WILL GET DONE today?  Put it here and I'll to hold you to it.

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