Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eleanor Roosevelt And The Hawk

Redneck tomato cage
In Eleanor Roosevelt’s autobiography (get ready, she really liked to write) she recommends getting the house specialty at every restaurant.  The people who work there know what's good, so believe them.

Here's your inside tip from a farmer (me): wash the root crops.  Really well.  Carrots.  Potatoes.  Onions.  Things that grow under the ground are root crops and especially if they are organic, they grow in compost.  You know what that's made of, right?

In fact, just wash all the vegetables.  YES!  WASH THE ORGANIC veggies!  They are fertilized with poo and fish guts.  The organic pesticides are made from...
natural ingredients, but do you remember the hemlock somebody drank in Shakespeare’s -----?  Killed them.  Organic pesticides are toxic.  

Then there are just random birds that fly by.  There was a HUGE hawk perched on my redneck tomato cage yesterday.  (Yeah, the tomato field hasn't been cleared yet.  So sue me.)  The giant hawk was stunning, majestic, beautiful, regal.  It even called its hawk cry while it was sitting just 20 feet from us.  Then it pooped a giant, majestic hawk poop into the garden.

Just wash your veggies.  


  1. I am laughing so hard right now. And I promise I will always wash my veggies! :)

    1. Thank you Miss Em. Wherever you came from, I'm glad you are here now.