Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eagles Pics For Wordless Wednesday

A really nice person named Susan emailed some...
pictures of the concert just in time for Wordless Wednesday!  Here's my baby:

Glenn Frey and Don Henley got tickled by his enthusiasm.  Mr. Frey tried to pull him up onto the stage, but we were too naive to figure out what he was trying to do.  Doh!  It all worked out.

Timothy B. Schmit leaned down to shake Little Man's hand before he ran back to Mom.  When you are in a room with 20,000 people you don't know, you want to stick with Mom.

What a great bunch of guys and what great fans they have.  Thanks again!

I'll get back to garden posts tomorrow.  Promise.  WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE the tree we bought for Christmas!!  A rare specimen for sure!  Tomorrow. 


  1. What a beautiful gift the guys gave that boy.Not the picks,not the drumsticks,but that incredible memory he'll have all his life. I just wish I were cute and adorable enough for that kind of attention. Adorable yes but at 43,not THAT adorable.Dang.If Don Henley gave me his drumsticks or some picks I would probably burst into tears of joy. So happy for Little Man!!

    1. So true Denise. It was a great show. Glenn Frey would make a joke, my son would fall over laughing and then Glenn would laugh at him laughing. They seemed to hit it off. I'm so glad it was not too loud or too mellow. I was a little worried about taking him. The sound was distributed perfectly. Great show. Great memory.

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