Thursday, November 7, 2013

You Are Good - Just Compare

Have you barb-wired the perimeter and started keeping pigs in the front yard?   Then you are still fine.
p.s. I didn’t think of this – it really happened.

One of the proven ways to become happier is to compare yourself to people who are not as well off as yourself.  It's called the Social Comparison Theory.  It sounds kind of shallow but we all do it, on purpose or not.  So, just wallow in it guiltlessly every once in a while.

Here are more from my experience:

The folks who fenced their front yard with spiral razor wire and kept the pot-bellied pigs there.

My kids' pediatrician when they have to get a shot.

That one relative, but said person may read this so... You probably have one of those relatives too.  Fill in here with your example.  In fact, rather than getting angry at my relatives and co-workers, I use the Social Comparison Theory to pat myself on the back and feel good.  At least I'm not them!

People who don't win Winter Wipeout.  Can. You. Imagine?

The young adult who stole a bunch of stuff from work and when caught, claimed drug addiction caused him to do it.  Except he wasn't on drugs.  Might not be a good example since that person got a year of paid rehab with room and board in an amazingly posh facility.

Any person with twins under 2.

Martha Stewart

When my 18-month-old son had brain swelling and spent a week in Scottish Rite hospital.  He came home.  Now he can walk and talk and read and write.  The kid two rooms down had exactly the same thing and did not.

Girls in bikinis.  Having been one in my youth, I can say first-hand: It's coldddd.

Miley's back-up dancers.

I feel bad for the bear costumes the dancers wore.  That was one day I was glad I'm not a bear costume.

Come to think of it, this is NOVEMBER!  We can be thankful all month for stuff we DON'T have!

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