Saturday, November 23, 2013

Root Almost Anything And Get In Harmony With Nature. In 3 Paragraphs.

The quick and easy secret to rooting (propagating) almost anything is to put the cutting in a clear glass with water (somebody will ask that) in a sunny window when the day lengths are getting longer.

Even woody plants will usually root using this method.  Soft stemmed plants will...
root too.  Annuals, perennials, tropicals, I think fruit roll-ups might root if you put them in water in a clear glass in a bright window when the days are getting longer.  I once had cut roses from a florist root in a clear vase in water when the days were getting longer.  I did cut the flowers off the tops when they faded.  Plants won't reproduce with roots if they are trying to reproduce by flowering. 

The shortest day of the year is shortly before Christmas, after that the days are getting longer.  You can start your cuttings shortly before that.  Even my mother can do it.  Then she leaves the stems in those glasses looking pathetic until Spring but when she plants them, they live.

By knowing these few things, you have made leaps and bounds toward getting on harmony with nature.  Do you feel more balanced?

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