Thursday, October 10, 2013

Crunchy Critter Cookies

 This link has been open on my computer forever.  These look really good and the guy who made them said his family, including the kids, ate every crumb because they really were as good as they look. 

Still can't do it.

The UN recommends it and so does my cat.  But my cat eats some stuff that smells really awful.

Seems in Europe this is becoming very trendy...
  And it makes sense.  Probably in 100 years people will consider this common place.  It's a plentiful food source and it doesn't require killing animals.  When (if?) it does become common, a group will pop up to protest the killing of insects too.

Yep.  Insects.  There are more bugs on the planet than any other animal and we are not utilizing them.  The math involved is obvious.  Bugs are a huge natural resource.  Maybe we could use them as fertilizer or pet food instead.  My cats really recommend the big, green grasshoppers.

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