Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Try Eating A Luffa Sponge!

The wide spread belief that anything sautéed in butter with garlic is delicious.  So that is how the luffa was cooked.

When the thought of a strange new food is sooooo scary, drown it in butter.  And garlic.  Or just butter.

These are the luffa sponges we started with.

They got sliced to disguise them a little.  It's always best not to know what you are eating if you are afraid of it.

Then I cooked them.  With a lot of butter and a half clove of garlic.  We didn't have anywhere to go that day.

This was the third time I attempted...
to cook some little luffa sponges which are in the squash family and don't hollow out and turn brown until they have ripened.

The first two times I did not cook them soon enough and luffas, like most produce ripens quickly once it is picked.  Within a couple days they were spongy.  This time I took them straight from the farm to the cutting board and cooked them.  They were not off the vine for half an hour before they were lounging in a hot bath of butter.  All the better to eat you with my dear!

They were pretty good.  A lot like zucchini but less slimy.  I've had much worse things served to me by people who claimed to know how to cook.  I will make them again. 

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