Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Growing Money Plan: First Harvest

Bugs ate the first crop. #2 is doing well!
Today I harvested the first vegetables from the Growing Wealth Plan!  The mixed greens made three salads.  I have a big, ripe tomato too and some green bell peppers.  A HUGE bell pepper is hanging off the end of the patio.  It will be red soon.

These salads would have...
cost $5 each as side items at a restaurant.  If we had purchased the ingredients and made them they would have cost about $7.  We will average the cost of them at $10.

I spent $40 on all the stuff to grow the Plan.  That included some herbs I have yet to plant.  I plan on cutting some of those next week to dry.

$40-$10= 30 more dollars worth of produce to break even.  I expect to get at lest that in salad.

Plant some lettuce!  It's that time of year!  It is SO hard to kill and EASY to grow.  Lettuce will pay for itself many times over even if you buy them as bedding plants.


The ahead team has scouted my salad.  I will need to take evasive action.

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