Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chickencatraz Update

We're Out!!
The boys didn't have to wait long to chase down the escapees again.  The eight-foot fence didn't do a thing to keep the chickens contained.  They lined up like planes on a runway, diagonally across the pen to get the longest acceleration.  The celebratory squawk and flap could be heard from inside the house each time a hen was liberated.

I don't know why...
I expected an eight foot fence to work.  We had an eight foot fence topped with barbed wire surrounding the garden canter in SC.  The chickens used to roost in the barbed wire at night.  Of course, I didn't think of that until they scared me out of my skin with their excited squeals as they grasped their power going over the new fence.  Ugh.  Now how will I keep the seedlings safe?
Oh, were you going to eat that?

Moot point since people seem to think it's acceptable to steal my vegetables anyway.  I'd rather the chickens eat them.

So I applied the Lucky Principles which are basically: Pay attention and take opportunities when then show up.   

Let me take that for you.
Two chickens either lacked the athletic ability to fly over the fence or were disinclined to once the other chickens were out of the way.  They got to stay in the coop with the big pen.

The other chickens spend time in the smaller coops when the field is full of tender, delicious seedlings.  I'm not sure if this is me seizing an opportunity or them, but it's working.

This month they started their yearly moult.  Ha ha.  Now none of them can fly! 

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